Why I am starting this blog

Why am I starting this blog?

There are many reasons. First and foremost, I am starting this blog to track my investment purchases in 2018. As well, this blog is in honour of my father who recently passed. He is the reason I got started in dividend investing in 2007. Just days before he passed away, he still spoke of the benefits of dividend investing to those visiting him by his hospital bed, even though he was no longer able to check the markets. Over the years we would meet for coffee and chat about his most recent purchases, stock splits and dividend increases. When I was not nearby, I would send a photo of my husband and I enjoying a coffee in celebration of the most recent dividend increase. My hope is that I can share with you the same joy my father and I had when it comes to dividend reinvesting.
In my next post, I will lay out my 2018 investment goals and possible purchases. I will also take inventory of my current investments.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

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