Purchases | February 2018

Last month I purchased Emera (EMA.TO). A great dividend paying company. EMA pays it’s dividend quarterly. However, I figured if I want to hit my 2018 dividend goal of $750 I might want to buy into companies that pay a monthly dividend earlier in the year. This month I was able to scrounge up $1900! I had some money left over from December’s Child Benefit, the dividend of $5.02, $75 unallocated dollars in my TFSA and the money earmarked for investing from January. I mentioned a few posts ago that I wanted to top up my BCE shares, but at the same time I don’t want to spread my dollars out too much and waste money on fees. In the end, I decided against the BCE purchase.

For monthly dividend payers, it was a toss up between Inter Pipelines and some more Plaza REIT. I just recently purchased some PLZ.UN.TO in my RRSP. This time around, I went for Inter Pipelines. In total, I purchased 82 shares at $24.05. Sadly, a few days after purchasing the shares the stock price fell to $22. Oh well! Such is life. I tell myself when things like this happen that it’s okay and I am not in it for the short term. If the company is strong it will continue to pay dividends. Inter pipelines should give me $0.14 per share, or $11.48 per month. That’s more than 50% the current share price! Lovely, isn’t it?


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