Dividends | February 2018

Dividends never cease to amaze me. In all the years I have been investing, for the first time ever I have received a dividend payment in cold, dark February. In total there were 3 payments, 2 in my TFSA and 1 in my RRSP. My TFSA total is $16.15, $13 coming from Emera, $3.15 from Laurentian Bank and the RRSP payment of $2.68 from Plaza Retail REIT.

I’m going to take a minute to appreciate and relish this moment. A total of $18.83 and my first February dividend ever. My February has gotten a little warmer and a little brighter. This my not seem like much to other investors, but the region of QuĂ©bec in which I live is fairly poor and an extra $18 dollars can go a long way. The dividends are much more immediate than any government stimulus plan.

2018 TFSA Dividend Total : $21.17
2018 RRSP Dividend Total : $2.68

I’m off to plan next month’s purchases.

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