Purchases | March 2018

March break, colds, Easter and God knows what else has kept me away from posting, but alas I am here to tell you two words, Transalta Renewables. I bought Transalta Renewables. Eighty-five shares to be exact.

Why? I have no idea why.

Oh, wait yes I do. Growth potential and dividends. Here in Ste-Clotilde I see them everyday. Not Transalta exactly, but their potential. Just a stones throw away on Covey Hill and in St-Remi there are windmills. Giant, giant windmills. As well, with the way things are going with policymakers in Canada and the desire for “diversified” sources of energy, Transalta was my choice purchase this month.

Do you own them? Why? Why not?


Oh, and I bought around $100 CAD worth of Bank of Nova Scotia through Canadian Shareowners. However, I need to save this for another post!

Until next time, happy investing!

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