Dividends | March 2018

March dividends have rolled in!

First up is my trusty ole’ Enbridge coming in at $133.38 for the first quarter. My holdings are now standing at 200 shares.

In my TFSA, my 2 shares of Fortis a small but consistent $0.85. My first dividend from InterPipeline at $11.48. Lastly, in my RRSP, Plaza Retail REIT at $5.48.

Bringing my annual dividends total to…

2018 TFSA Dividend Total : $166.88
2018 RRSP Dividend Total : $8.16

Counting only the dividends in my TFSA, I still need $583.12 to reach my goal of $750 in annual dividends. I am 22% of the way there 🙂

Happy Easter!

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