Purchases + New Experiment | April 2018

A blessed Easter to all of you!

No new companies added to my TFSA portfolio this month. I ended up splitting this month’s purchase between 2 companies I currently hold, Emera and BCE. Also, I have started a new experiment in my Canadian Shareowner account, which I will explain further down.
I purchased 18 more shares of Emera at roughly $40 per share. I think this is a good price and a nice yield at 5.48%. This purchase brings my total shares in Emera to 41. And, I’ve managed to squeeze in before their ex-dividend date of April 30th. Dividend check in May! Woohoo!
BCE was my second choice. I only held 7 shares and had been planning to beef it up eventually. So, I took the cash that was left in my TFSA and bought 6 more shares. Bringing my total to 13 shares and a current yield of 5.57%. Not too shabby.

New Experiment

The last experiment in my Canadian Shareowner account lasted almost 9 years. Although I put roughly the same amount of money into RBC and Berkshire, their outcomes were different since RBC had dividends which were reinvested and Berkshire had no dividends and thus no reinvestment.
However, now I want to try something new. Every month going forward I will be purchasing $100 of one company (minus commission fees of course), and each month I will buy a new company without injecting new money into the companies purchased the month prior. Does that make sense? Since Canadian Shareowner allows fractional purchases and dividend reinvestment I am curious to see how quickly multiple single purchases will grow over time. Technically, I will only be purchasing twelve companies per year, but next year I may decide to change my goal and put more money into this experiment. So, to start off this new endeavour I purchased 1.1409 shares of the Bank of Nova Scotia (minus $9.95 in commission fees). What will this purchase look like in twelve months time? In 5 years? We shall see!
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