Current Holdings | November & December 2017

Here is a resumé of my current holdings and year-to-date dividends for November 2017. I have yet to receive my Questrade statement for the month of December. Once received, I will update the annual dividends. However, my non-registered Enbridge shares are up to date as of December 1st, 2017.

Registered Accounts
TFSA (Questrade)

BCE – 7 shares
Fortis – 2 shares
Laurentian Bank – 5 shares

Year-to-date investment income: $8.92

AST Trust Company (formerly CST, and before that… CIBC New York Mellon something or other)

Enbridge – 196.778 shares

Year-to-date investment income: $460.89

2017 Total Dividend Income: $469.81
2018 Annual Dividend Goal: $750 (-$280.19)

**I also have a few holdings in Canadian ShareOwner, however those will not be included in my dividend goal. As well, my husband and children’s DRIPS will not be included.**

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