Purchases | May 2018

Back from a lovely holiday visiting friends and family in the UK. A bit behind my postings, so now I am playing catch-up!

With my $1000 monthly TFSA deposit and some leftover dividends in my cash account, I topped up my holdings in Fortis by adding 24 shares at a cost of $41.73 each this past May. This brings my total holdings in Fortis to 26.

Also, in my RRSP I purchased 51 extra shares of Plaza Retail REIT at a cost of $4.28 per share. Bringing my holdings to 286.

I am so glad to top up my Fortis. It is one of the top 15 North American utility companies and we always need power and heating. I am happy to have more of it in my portfolio.

More to come soon!
Have a lovely summer.


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