Dividends | June 2018


May ended with my 2018 dividend goal at $234.77. However, my June dividends brought me a huge boost! My Enbridge DRIP brought in $135.93  which was then reinvested, purchasing 3.45 shares at $39.37. Bringing my total holdings to 204.041 (Love that third decimal point!)


My TFSA had three dividend payers – Fortis, Inter Pipeline and TransAlta Renewables, which paid as follows:

Fortis – $0.85
Inter Pipeline – $11.48
TransAlta Renewables – $6.66


Trusty ole’ Plaza Retail REIT dividends brought in $6.67.

June Dividend Total

2018 Dividend Total: $389.69
2018 RRSP Dividend Total to $25.79

Halfway to my 2018 goal of $750!

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6 Replies to “Dividends | June 2018”

  1. Wow, that’s quite a dividend from Enbridge! The fact that the position in Enbridge is singlehandedly buying several shares when reinvested is incredible. The dividends are growing the portfolio in a meaningful way all on their own, not even considering any fresh capital contributions or dividend increases.

    1. I have barely contributed anything meaningful to Enbridge since I bought it when I was 21 (same age as you!). Afterwards, I didn’t always have the disposable income to contribute. The most I would put in was maybe $40 or $50 bucks. But it kept on growing! Look where it is now! Crazy.

  2. You are cranking out the catch-up posts now, Heather!
    ENB is a dividend monster for you. It truly did some heavy lifting for you in June. Any concerns about ENB providing the majority of your dividend income? It sounds like this is a long-time holding that has grown over the years and perhaps you are slowing diversifying your portfolio with new purchases of other stocks?
    Halfway through 2018 and you are already over half way to your goal. I’d say you are lined up for success.
    By the way, I see you got another comment… see, the comment floodgates are open. 🙂

    1. You definitely opened the comment floodgates!

      ENB was my first share, and my only share for quite a while. I’ve owned it since 2007. It’s like my first baby. But you’re right, I am trying to diversify now. At the moment, to reduce any income tax and CCB/QCB (Canadian and Quebec child benefit) issues next year I am focusing on my TFSA, which unfortunately is not on an automatic DRIP. However, once my TFSA is maxed out, I can go back to my RRSP and non-registered accounts and diversify even more.

  3. Hi Heather, great job surpassing the half-way mark to your annual goal in dividends! As the others mentioned, that is quite the impressive dividend from Enbridge–and is testament to how our holdings can grow over time!

    Keep up the great work!

    Also, I thought I would mention that Bob @ Tawcan.com has an interview series where he covers Canadian investors that are on the path to FI. There were a couple of comments on his recent interview about including more families, so I thought it might be something that you could reach out to him to participate in.

    1. Thanks DivvyDad!

      When I got my first share in Enbridge I never imagined it would grow to that amount. I can’t wait to show everyone the progress on my project in my Canadian Shareowner’s account.

      I had never heard of Tawcan until you mentioned him. I went on Youtube and found a good interview he did earlier this year with Jessica Moorhouse. I’ll give him a shout.

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