My First Youtube Video | In Memory of my Dad

I made this video in memory of my father. He started investing young but didn’t focus on dividend reinvestment until later in his life. He retired at 51 when I was just 12 years old.

I count myself lucky to have been able to come home from school and have a parent there to greet me. It kept me out of trouble!

My dad was a Scottish Quebecer and enjoyed the fact that descendants of Scottish ancestry are 3 times more likely to be millionaires.

From a young age he taught me the basics of saving and investing. To live within one’s means and not spend more than you make. He loved compounding interest and wanted all of his kids to start investing young. (Money burned a hole in my pocket for quite a while…) Lastly, he knew the benefits of dollar cost averaging, buying more when prices were low and less when prices were high.

He was a great guy and taught me and my siblings a great deal. He would have been tickled pink to hear about Royal Bank’s 4% dividend increase today.

Happy investing,

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4 Replies to “My First Youtube Video | In Memory of my Dad”

    1. Yes, I am sure he is! 🙂 I think he was glad all his kids took it up in one form or another. He bought many a first share for people, BCE, BMO, ENB etc, transferring it into their street names. Some started their first DRIPs, while others would just let the share sit there not doing anything.

      And as a welcome present to the family, he gave my husband one share in BMO (because they are both Quebecers, hahaha). Just throwing that out there if you want to start a new family tradition.

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