Dividends | August 2018

Happy Friday to everyone,

I have finally put my dividends onto a graph and seeing the progress visually is very satisfying. I am going somewhere and it is in the right direction. Up, up, up!

Progress up until August 2018

Now down to the nitty gritty…


Laurentian Bank – $3.20 (Laurentian had a nice dividend increase last quarter from $0.63 to $0.64)

Emera – $23.17

Inter Pipeline – $11.48

Transalta Renewables – $6.66


Plaza Retail REIT – $6.67 (Plaza had a dividend increase from $0.0233 per month to $0.02333 back in April this year)

Bringing this month’s total to $51.18. Looking at my monthly budget, this would cover my internet bill of $46 plus a couple coffees.

Using Plaza Retail REIT as my guideline, I calculated my family would need  $555,000 invested for our dividends to provide roughly $3000 a month, covering all of our current expenses in today’s dollars. This would allow my husband to stop working, and I could go back to work for fun. (See ya sucker! Have fun with that laundry and dishes! Hahaha, just joking he already helps. Or am I? Mmm…)

August Dividend Total

2018 Dividend Total: $462.16
2018 RRSP Dividend Total to $39.13

I’ve officially passed $500 in annual dividends!

Happy Investing,

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8 Replies to “Dividends | August 2018”

  1. Congrats on another solid month, and that chart is looking good as you can see the continued growth from a month to month basis with each new quarter.

    That’s awesome that you have passed the $500 milestone! Onward and upward!

    1. Thanks DivvyDad! I have to say, putting it on a graph really helps in seeing the growth. I’ll hit my annual dividend goal in no time now 😀

  2. The chart looks good, Heather. You are right… up, up, up. Nice work. It will get even better once the effect of that new capital deployment begins to ring the dividend register.
    Come 2019, you’ll be able to start with the year-over-year comparisons, too.
    Congrats on $50 for the month, and $500 for the year so far.

    1. Thanks Paul! I was impressed by the graphs I see on other blogs. You can really get a sense of how they have progressed over the years. I saw a blog recently that takes their annual dividends and changes it into an hourly wage. So, technically if I only work 48 weeks of the year, at 40 hours per week with (example) $750 in annual dividends. I’d be looking at $0.39/hour or the same minimum wage as the 1940s! LoL I just need to bring my hourly dividend wage into the 21st century.

  3. Always nice to see that passive income roll in and go in one general direction, up. Keep up the good work. Wonder what you think about the Canadian banks. I have BNS, TD and RY in my account. Have also considered BMO and CM. Thanks!

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