What to blog about? Reviving my dead blog. Announcing my comeback.

It is coming up to two years since I posted on my blog. So much has happened.

– My husband and I started a plumbing business
– I took an RBQ certification course here in Québec
– I got my apprentice plumbing cards
– A pandemic occurred
– I paid off the rest of my mortgage using my inheritance and savings
– We now have 6 kids
– My autistic son started a new therapy in 2021 to deal with the psychological consequences of the pandemic
– I found out I have executive dysfunction, which explains my amazing ability to start projects but not complete them and the subconscious negative, self-limiting mindset it can foster (thanks brain!)
– And a lot of household items are now in need of being replaced; cars, fence, floor, plastering, wall paint, furniture… the list goes on (can you say ka’ching! $$$$)

Although the newest baby is still young, I’ve been itching to start earning money again. I have quite a few savings goals that I want to achieve before I’m geriatric. However, jumping back on the tools at the moment is not an option. The baby is still breastfeeding, I’ve got 2 other little ones at home and it’s the start of summer vacation. Which means 6 kids home for the summer.

On the flip side, this blog is up for renewal in mid-August, and I need to decide what to do with it. Should I revive this dead blog? Should I give my blog a new direction? I don’t want to give up, and I want to squash my executive dysfunction by giving this blog another go. To revive it, I might add a type of vision board, some measurable goals to which readers can follow along, and maybe a ‘stats’ page with my latest personal finance statistics. Also, I might connect my website to my youtube channel. I have goals for my youtube channel as well but I have yet to share that here.

All in all, I would really love to have a space to share my goals and reminding myself that I can execute some of them successfully. And allowing this blog to remain online is one of those goals.


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