Dividends | June 2021

The turbulence of the pandemic and daily life meant I had not tallied my dividends in several months (if not a year!). I was not sure how much I made in June of this year but when I checked last week, I was pleasantly surprised. Just over eighty dollars.

Below is the breakdown of my TFSA, RRSP, as well as a synopsis of my various Wealthsimple accounts. I have a mix of self-directed (grandfathered from Wealthsimple’s takeover of Canadian Shareowner a while back) and an artificial intelligence portfolio for my kid’s registered education savings plan. This list does not include my husband’s investment accounts or any of our cash savings accounts.

My latest stock purchase this month was McDonald’s. I only bought 1 share with the extra cash in my Wealthsimple account. I’ve been buying way too much coffee at McDonald’s (new baby) and need to recoup my expenses!

I stand corrected – my daughter purchased McDonald’s, I just helped her (watch here). FYI when my Canadian Shareowner account was transitioned to Wealthsimple my shares stopped DRIPping and the dividends had been piling up since January.

Questrade Portfolio

Current Value:
Cash – $448.18
TFSA – $18,392.71
RRSP – $6,941.83

Total dividends: $80.37

ZRE (TFSA) – $4.50
REI.UN (TFSA) – $3.44
PLZ.UN (TFSA) – $14.95
PLZ.UN (RRSP) – $35.11
XHD (TFSA) – $3.65
XDV (TFSA) – $12.00
ACO.X (TFSA)- $6.72

*As of June, my PLZ.UN dividends are automatically reinvested (Synthetic DRIP)

Wealthsimple Portfolio

Invest (A.I. investing)

RESP (Risk level 10) – $10,363.77

Trade (Self-directed, non registered)

Current Value: $3,474.55
Current Holdings:
AFL – 1.6762
AIG – 2.2014
BNS – 1.2938
BRK.B – 1.35
C – 0.9622
CAR.UN – 1.9244
CM – 0.8822
CWB – 2.6702
JNJ – 0.9782
MCD – 1 (Just purchased)
NA – 1.555
PNC – 0.4756
RY – 5.0961
SNV – 1.5417
TD – 1.3304
USB – 1.4915
VWO – 2.0556

Account Value: $1088.22
Bitcoin – 0.02721


Total Account Value: $942.83

Stellar Lumens
The Graph

So far, I am very pleased with Wealthsimple’s A.I. portfolio manager, especially now that I am busier. I fund the account with weekly automatic deposits of $125 ($25 per kid). Baby #6 will be added to the RESP shortly, bumping the total weekly deposit to $150. Dividends in this account are automatically reinvested, however the downside for curious folk like myself is that I don’t get to see which company is paying and how much. I just see the total amount reinvested.

This month I am setting up an automatic deposit on an A.I. led personal account at Wealthsimple. I will be starting with $25 a week.

Also, after to speaking with our accountant this past month, he encouraged us to stop putting money into both our RRSPs and focus on our TFSAs due to our low family income. Figuring out how much I can put into my TFSA will be a bit finicky. I have plenty of contribution room in my and my husband’s TFSA however, this summer we are building a fence and replacing our minivan (we need at least 8 seats). Also, 2 weeks ago we splurged and got a Thermo Pump also known as a air conditioner in the rest of the world (LoL). We are hoping to purchase our wood from a relative to save on lumber costs and the van will be used of course. This will hopefully save us a few thousand. Once some extra cash is available my plan is to add some funds to get XDV dripping. This should get my monthly dividends in Questrade up to $100 a month.

That’s it for June.

Happy investing!


Dividends | August 2018

Happy Friday to everyone,

I have finally put my dividends onto a graph and seeing the progress visually is very satisfying. I am going somewhere and it is in the right direction. Up, up, up!

Progress up until August 2018

Now down to the nitty gritty…


Laurentian Bank – $3.20 (Laurentian had a nice dividend increase last quarter from $0.63 to $0.64)

Emera – $23.17

Inter Pipeline – $11.48

Transalta Renewables – $6.66


Plaza Retail REIT – $6.67 (Plaza had a dividend increase from $0.0233 per month to $0.02333 back in April this year)

Bringing this month’s total to $51.18. Looking at my monthly budget, this would cover my internet bill of $46 plus a couple coffees.

Using Plaza Retail REIT as my guideline, I calculated my family would need ¬†$555,000 invested for our dividends to provide roughly $3000 a month, covering all of our current expenses in today’s dollars. This would allow my husband to stop working, and I could go back to work for fun. (See ya sucker! Have fun with that laundry and dishes! Hahaha, just joking he already helps. Or am I? Mmm…)

August Dividend Total

2018 Dividend Total: $462.16
2018 RRSP Dividend Total to $39.13

I’ve officially passed $500 in annual dividends!

Happy Investing,

Purchases | August 2018

Holy smokes! Did I go crazy this month? I had money for June, July and August just sitting there waiting to buy stocks. And boy, did I spend it.

I made 4 purchases in my TFSA. Three of which I am happy with and one I am not 100% sure about in terms of dividends and growth.

So, this August I bought…

10 BCE (top up)

10 Laurentian Bank (top up)

43 Riocan REIT

31 Canadian Utilities

Canadian Utilities is by far my best purchase. It has a good track record of dividend increases and the share price growth is nice and steady.

The one purchase I think I could have done a bit more research on, is Riocan. After looking through it’s dividend history and growth, I think I could have made a better choice. The last dividend increase was in 2013. I only realized later it is not even a Canadian dividend aristocrat. Oops.

Lesson learned.

Do any of you own Riocan REIT? Am I doomed in terms of growth?

Happy Investing!

Dividends | July 2018


I am finally passing the $400 mark towards my goal of $750 in annual dividends and I feel as though I am in the home stretch.

Here is my takeaway for not making June and July purchases.

It’s okay. The world will not end, and I still get paid. My account still grows even if I am unable to add new money. I still get pay raises (as my dad would say), even though I do not technically work outside the home for a salary. And lastly, I got a bigger pay raise this month than my husband, hahaha. Thank you RBC! (I hold RBC in another account which I will post on later in September)


BCE – $9.82
TransAlta Renewables – $6.66
Inter Pipelines – $11.48


As always, Plaza Realty REIT brought in $6.67.

July Dividend Total

2018 Dividend Total: $417.65
2018 RRSP Dividend Total to $32.46

Only $332.35 to go! (not including my RRSP… In my mind RRSPs don’t count.)

Happy Investing,

Dividends | June 2018


May ended with my 2018 dividend goal at $234.77. However, my June dividends brought me a huge boost! My Enbridge DRIP brought in $135.93  which was then reinvested, purchasing 3.45 shares at $39.37. Bringing my total holdings to 204.041 (Love that third decimal point!)


My TFSA had three dividend payers – Fortis, Inter Pipeline and TransAlta Renewables, which paid as follows:

Fortis – $0.85
Inter Pipeline – $11.48
TransAlta Renewables – $6.66


Trusty ole’ Plaza Retail REIT dividends brought in $6.67.

June Dividend Total

2018 Dividend Total: $389.69
2018 RRSP Dividend Total to $25.79

Halfway to my 2018 goal of $750!

Happy Investing,